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UE27-AS54-13H - 

connector, universal serial bus, type a, stacked receptacle, black, 4 contact

Amphenol Commercial UE27-AS54-13H
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USB Connector, Contact Material Phosphor Bronze, Contact Plating Gold

Amphenol's U27 and RoHS compliant UE27 series are designed in accordance with Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.00. This type of connector is designed to replace all the various input/output interfaces used on personal computers, providing a single interface for all low-speed peripherals. Specifications. Voltage Rating: 30 VAC ( RMS ). Current Rating: 1 A max. per contact. Materials: Housing — Thermoplastic (UL94V-0 Rating); RoHS compliant parts are suitable for high temperature (<260°C) Shell Plating: nickel over copper alloy. Contact Plating: tin over nickel overall, 30 μ" gold standard on mating area. Number of Contacts: 4.

  • Supports Hot Pluggability Removing the Need to Shut Down Your System to Make Modifications
  • Metal Shell for Shielding
  • Four-Position Connector with 2 mm Centerline Signal and 2.5 mm Centerline Power Contacts
  • Connector Is Polarized for Proper Termination
  • Can Be Used with Asynchronous and Isochronous Data Transfer Methods, Supports Data Rates Up to 480 Mbps
  • UE27-AS54-13H产品信息

      Angle  Right Angle  
      Brand/Series  UE27 Series  
      Color  Black  
      Contact Plating  Gold over Nickel  
      Flammability Rating  UL 94V-0  
      For Use With  PCBs  
      Material, Contact  Copper Alloy  
      Material, Housing  Thermoplastic  
      Number of Contacts  4  
      Plating, Shell  Nickel  
      Primary Type  USB  
      Special Features  High Temp, Shielded, Stacked  
      Termination  Through Hole  
      Type  Jack  


    Angle Right Angle  Amphenol Commercial Angle Right Angle  Connectors Angle Right Angle  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Angle Right Angle   Brand/Series UE27 Series  Amphenol Commercial Brand/Series UE27 Series  Connectors Brand/Series UE27 Series  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Brand/Series UE27 Series   Color Black  Amphenol Commercial Color Black  Connectors Color Black  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Color Black   Contact Plating Gold over Nickel  Amphenol Commercial Contact Plating Gold over Nickel  Connectors Contact Plating Gold over Nickel  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Contact Plating Gold over Nickel   Flammability Rating UL 94V-0  Amphenol Commercial Flammability Rating UL 94V-0  Connectors Flammability Rating UL 94V-0  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Flammability Rating UL 94V-0   For Use With PCBs  Amphenol Commercial For Use With PCBs  Connectors For Use With PCBs  Amphenol Commercial Connectors For Use With PCBs   Material, Contact Copper Alloy  Amphenol Commercial Material, Contact Copper Alloy  Connectors Material, Contact Copper Alloy  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Material, Contact Copper Alloy   Material, Housing Thermoplastic  Amphenol Commercial Material, Housing Thermoplastic  Connectors Material, Housing Thermoplastic  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Material, Housing Thermoplastic   Number of Contacts 4  Amphenol Commercial Number of Contacts 4  Connectors Number of Contacts 4  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Number of Contacts 4   Plating, Shell Nickel  Amphenol Commercial Plating, Shell Nickel  Connectors Plating, Shell Nickel  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Plating, Shell Nickel   Primary Type USB  Amphenol Commercial Primary Type USB  Connectors Primary Type USB  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Primary Type USB   Special Features High Temp, Shielded, Stacked  Amphenol Commercial Special Features High Temp, Shielded, Stacked  Connectors Special Features High Temp, Shielded, Stacked  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Special Features High Temp, Shielded, Stacked   Termination Through Hole  Amphenol Commercial Termination Through Hole  Connectors Termination Through Hole  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Termination Through Hole   Type Jack  Amphenol Commercial Type Jack  Connectors Type Jack  Amphenol Commercial Connectors Type Jack  
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