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Resistor; Thick Film; Res 25 Ohms; Pwr-Rtg100 W; Tol 1%; Radial; TO-247; Heat Sink

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Power Film Resistors, Radial Leaded Termination, Heat Sink Mountable Design, Kool-Pak®
Temperature Coefficient:
MP915, MP916, MP925, MP930, MP850:
ΔR taken at +150°C, ref. to 25°C
0.500 ohm to 100 K, –20 to +80 ppm/°C
0.050 ohm to 0.499 ohm: 0 to +200 ppm/°C
0.020 ohm to 0.049 ohm: 0 to +300 ppm/°C
0.010 ohm to 0.019 ohm: 0 to +500 ppm/°C
ΔR taken at +175°C, ref. to +25°C
0.500 ohm to 100 ohm: –20 to +80 ppm/°C
0.050 ohm to 0.49 ohm: 0 to +150 ppm/°C
Measurement Note:
For these specifications, resistance measurement shall be made at a point on the leads 0.2" (5 mm) from the package.
The Thermal Design Should Satisfy the Following Equation:
Case Temperature (Tc) + [Thermal Resistance (Rφjc) × Power Applied (Watts)] < Tmax, considering the full operating temperature range of the application.
Mounting Note:
Mount on a smooth, clean and flat heat sink surface with a thermal interface material, such as thermal grease. The entire exposed heat dissipating mounting surface (ceramic or metal) must be in contact with the heat sink. When screw mounting, use a compression washer which provides a mounting force of 150 to 300 pounds (665 to 1330 N). This will provide sufficient pressure on the package over time and through large temperature variations to maintain the maximum power dissipation capability. Maximum mounting torque to avoid package damage is 8 in.-lbs (0.9 N-m). If a spring clip is used, a clip force of 8 to 30 pounds (35 to 130 N) is recommended to be applied to the center of the package. The clip should be round or smooth in the contact area to avoid concentrating the load on a small point of the plastic body. Another mounting option is to use a pressure bar method, which can achieve a greater mounting force with greater contact area.
  • Non-Inductive Design, Ideal for Power Switching Circuits, Snubbers, RF Applications:
    50 Ohm Performance Up to 500 MHz
  • Values as Low as 0.010 Ohm Ideal for Current Sensing in Power Supplies, Motor Controls, and Battery Circuits
  • Resistor Element Electrically Isolated from the Heat Dissipating Mounting Surface (1500 Volts rms AC)
  • 1% Tolerance for Most Values
  • MP9100-25.0-1%产品信息

    Brand/Series: Kool-Pak MP9000 Series
    Lead Pitch: 0.400 in. +?- 0.010 in.
    Length, Lead: 0.570 in. +?- 0.050 in.
    Material, Element: Thick Film
    Package Type: TO-247
    Packaging: Tube
    Power Rating: 100 W
    Resistance: 25 Ohms
    Resistance, Thermal, Junction to Case: 1.50 °C⁄W
    Special Features: Heat Sink
    Temperature Coefficient: -20 to +80 ppm?°C
    Temperature, Operating, Maximum: 175 °C
    Temperature, Operating, Minimum: -55 °C
    Termination: Radial Leads
    Thickness: 0.195 in. +?- 0.010 in.
    Tolerance: ±1 %
    Width: 0.620 in. +?- 0.010 in.


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