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22-03-2031 - 

Header; W2B; KK 254; 1-Row; Vertical; 3 Circuits; A Polyamide Nylon; Tin Plating

Molex Incorporated 22-03-2031
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KK® 254 Connector System
Ideal for board-to-board and wire-to-board low-power and signal applications, KK® 254 connectors provide a flexible design and cost-saving solutions for a variety of applications. ignal application KK® 254 connectors are ideal for use in industries such as automotive, medical and consumer, delivering up to 5.0A and 250V per circuit in a 2.54mm centerline pitch. Dual-cantilever terminals offer a square-post contact area that interfaces with the male pin header through a spring-like contact. Available in 22 to 30 AWG wire, an optional box-style dual-cantilevered terminal is optimal for high-vibration applications.

Headers are available in single-row, unshrouded, through-hole PCB termination styles in solid and breakaway varieties. A friction lock is available for a more secure mating interface. KK 254 PCB receptacles are available in right-angle, top-entry and board-through configurations. Housings have built-in polarization features and are available in UL 94V-2 and UL 94V-0 nylons.


  Agency Approvals  CSA, UL  
  Alternate Mfr Part Number  A-4030-03A197  
  Angle  Straight  
  Brand/Series  KK 254 Series  
  Color  White  
  Contact Plating  Tin  
  Current Rating  4 A  
  Flammability Rating  UL94V-0  
  Length, Overall  0.29 "  
  Length, Pin  0.135 "  
  Material, Contact  Brass  
  Material, Housing  Nylon  
  Mounting Hole Size  0.04 "  
  Number of Circuits  3  
  Number of Contacts  3  
  Number of Rows  1  
  Orientation  Vertical  
  Pin Spacing  0.1 "  
  Primary Type  Wire-to-Board  
  Special Features  Low-Halogen  
  Temperature, Operating  0 to +75 °C  
  Termination  Thru-Hole  
  Type  Header  
  Voltage Rating  250 V  


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Agency Approvals CSA, UL  Molex Incorporated Agency Approvals CSA, UL  Connectors Agency Approvals CSA, UL  Molex Incorporated Connectors Agency Approvals CSA, UL   Alternate Mfr Part Number A-4030-03A197  Molex Incorporated Alternate Mfr Part Number A-4030-03A197  Connectors Alternate Mfr Part Number A-4030-03A197  Molex Incorporated Connectors Alternate Mfr Part Number A-4030-03A197   Angle Straight  Molex Incorporated Angle Straight  Connectors Angle Straight  Molex Incorporated Connectors Angle Straight   Brand/Series KK 254 Series  Molex Incorporated Brand/Series KK 254 Series  Connectors Brand/Series KK 254 Series  Molex Incorporated Connectors Brand/Series KK 254 Series   Color White  Molex Incorporated Color White  Connectors Color White  Molex Incorporated Connectors Color White   Contact Plating Tin  Molex Incorporated Contact Plating Tin  Connectors Contact Plating Tin  Molex Incorporated Connectors Contact Plating Tin   Current Rating 4 A  Molex Incorporated Current Rating 4 A  Connectors Current Rating 4 A  Molex Incorporated Connectors Current Rating 4 A   Flammability Rating UL94V-0  Molex Incorporated Flammability Rating UL94V-0  Connectors Flammability Rating UL94V-0  Molex Incorporated Connectors Flammability Rating UL94V-0   Length, Overall 0.29 "  Molex Incorporated Length, Overall 0.29 "  Connectors Length, Overall 0.29 "  Molex Incorporated Connectors Length, Overall 0.29 "   Length, Pin 0.135 "  Molex Incorporated Length, Pin 0.135 "  Connectors Length, Pin 0.135 "  Molex Incorporated Connectors Length, Pin 0.135 "   Material, Contact Brass  Molex Incorporated Material, Contact Brass  Connectors Material, Contact Brass  Molex Incorporated Connectors Material, Contact Brass   Material, Housing Nylon  Molex Incorporated Material, Housing Nylon  Connectors Material, Housing Nylon  Molex Incorporated Connectors Material, Housing Nylon   Mounting Hole Size 0.04 "  Molex Incorporated Mounting Hole Size 0.04 "  Connectors Mounting Hole Size 0.04 "  Molex Incorporated Connectors Mounting Hole Size 0.04 "   Number of Circuits 3  Molex Incorporated Number of Circuits 3  Connectors Number of Circuits 3  Molex Incorporated Connectors Number of Circuits 3   Number of Contacts 3  Molex Incorporated Number of Contacts 3  Connectors Number of Contacts 3  Molex Incorporated Connectors Number of Contacts 3   Number of Rows 1  Molex Incorporated Number of Rows 1  Connectors Number of Rows 1  Molex Incorporated Connectors Number of Rows 1   Orientation Vertical  Molex Incorporated Orientation Vertical  Connectors Orientation Vertical  Molex Incorporated Connectors Orientation Vertical   Pin Spacing 0.1 "  Molex Incorporated Pin Spacing 0.1 "  Connectors Pin Spacing 0.1 "  Molex Incorporated Connectors Pin Spacing 0.1 "   Primary Type Wire-to-Board  Molex Incorporated Primary Type Wire-to-Board  Connectors Primary Type Wire-to-Board  Molex Incorporated Connectors Primary Type Wire-to-Board   Special Features Low-Halogen  Molex Incorporated Special Features Low-Halogen  Connectors Special Features Low-Halogen  Molex Incorporated Connectors Special Features Low-Halogen   Temperature, Operating 0 to +75 °C  Molex Incorporated Temperature, Operating 0 to +75 °C  Connectors Temperature, Operating 0 to +75 °C  Molex Incorporated Connectors Temperature, Operating 0 to +75 °C   Termination Thru-Hole  Molex Incorporated Termination Thru-Hole  Connectors Termination Thru-Hole  Molex Incorporated Connectors Termination Thru-Hole   Type Header  Molex Incorporated Type Header  Connectors Type Header  Molex Incorporated Connectors Type Header   Voltage Rating 250 V  Molex Incorporated Voltage Rating 250 V  Connectors Voltage Rating 250 V  Molex Incorporated Connectors Voltage Rating 250 V  
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