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PAXR0020 - 

Rate Indicator, 85-250VAC, red sunlightreadable display, field upgradeable

Red Lion Controls PAXR0020
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The PAX Digital Input Panel Meters offer many features and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Available in three different models, PAXC Counter/Dual Counter, PAXR Rate Meter and the PAXI which offers both counting and rate in the same package. Refer to pages 4 - 5 for the details on the specific models. The PAXC and PAXR offer only the Setpoint Option, while the PAXI is the fully featured version offering all the capabilities as outlined in this bulletin as well as a slave display feature. The optional plug-in output cards allow the opportunity to configure the meter for present applications, while providing easy upgrades for future needs.

The meters employ a bright 0.56" LED display. The meters are available with a red sunlight readable or standard green LED display. The intensity of the display can be adjusted from dark room applications up to sunlight readable, making it ideal for viewing in bright light applications. The meters accept digital inputs from a variety of sources including switch contacts, outputs from CMOS or TTL circuits, magnetic pickups and all standard RLC sensors. The meter can accept directional, uni-directional or Quadrature signals simultaneously. The maximum input signal varies up to 34 KHz depending on the count mode and function configurations programmed. Each input signal can be independently scaled to various process values.

The Rate Meters provide a MAX and MIN reading memory with programmable capture time. The capture time is used to prevent detection of false max or min readings which may occur during start-up or unusual process events. The meters have four setpoint outputs, implemented on Plug-in option cards. The Plug-in cards provide dual FORM-C relays (5A), quad FORM-A (3A), or either quad sinking or quad sourcing open collector logic outputs. The setpoint alarms can be configured to suit a variety of control and alarm requirements. Communication and Bus Capabilities are also available as option cards for the PAXI only. These include RS232, RS485, Modbus, DeviceNet, and Profibus-DP. Readout values and setpoint alarm values can be controlled through the bus. Additionally, the meters have a feature that allows a remote computer to directly control the outputs of the meter. With an RS232 or RS485 card installed, it is possible to configure the meter using Red Lion’s Crimson software. The configuration data can be saved to a file for later recall.

A linear DC output signal is available as an optional Plug-in card for the PAXI only. The card provides either 20 mA or 10 V signals. The output can be scaled independent of the input range and can track any of the counter or rate displays. Once the meters have been initially configured, the parameter list may be locked out from further modification in its entirety or only the setpoint values can be made accessible.

The meters have been specifically designed for harsh industrial environments. With NEMA 4X/IP65 sealed bezel and extensive testing of noise effects to CE requirements, the meter provides a tough yet reliable application solution.


  Brand Family  PAX  
  Brand/Series  Pax Series  
  Connection Type  Plug-in Terminal  
  Cut Out, Panel  3.62 L x 1.77 H in., 92 L x 45 H mm  
  Depth  0.197" (5mm)  
  Dimensions, Cutout, Inches  1?8 DIN in. in.  
  Display Digit Height  0.56  
  Display Type  LCD  
  Function  Counter, Rate Meter  
  Input Type  Logic, Voltage  
  Measuring Range  0 to 99999 hrs. hrs.  
  Memory Type  Non-Volatile  
  Mounting Type  DIN  
  Number of Digits  5  
  Primary Type  Electronic  
  Range, Measurement  0 to 99999  
  Standards  cULus Listed, CSA Certified, NEMA 4X, IP65  
  Stripping Length  0.3 in. Wire  
  Supply Voltage  30 VDC VDC  
  Temperature Range  0 to +50 °C °C  
  Temperature, Opening, Maximum  +50 °C °C  
  Temperature, Operating  -40 to +60°C  
  Temperature, Operating, Minimum  0 °C °C  
  Termination  Cage Clamp  
  Type  Electronic  
  Voltage Range  85 to 250 VAC  


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Brand Family PAX  Red Lion Controls Brand Family PAX  Counters Brand Family PAX  Red Lion Controls Counters Brand Family PAX   Brand/Series Pax Series  Red Lion Controls Brand/Series Pax Series  Counters Brand/Series Pax Series  Red Lion Controls Counters Brand/Series Pax Series   Connection Type Plug-in Terminal  Red Lion Controls Connection Type Plug-in Terminal  Counters Connection Type Plug-in Terminal  Red Lion Controls Counters Connection Type Plug-in Terminal   Cut Out, Panel 3.62 L x 1.77 H in., 92 L x 45 H mm  Red Lion Controls Cut Out, Panel 3.62 L x 1.77 H in., 92 L x 45 H mm  Counters Cut Out, Panel 3.62 L x 1.77 H in., 92 L x 45 H mm  Red Lion Controls Counters Cut Out, Panel 3.62 L x 1.77 H in., 92 L x 45 H mm   Depth 0.197" (5mm)  Red Lion Controls Depth 0.197" (5mm)  Counters Depth 0.197" (5mm)  Red Lion Controls Counters Depth 0.197" (5mm)   Dimensions, Cutout, Inches 1?8 DIN in. in.  Red Lion Controls Dimensions, Cutout, Inches 1?8 DIN in. in.  Counters Dimensions, Cutout, Inches 1?8 DIN in. in.  Red Lion Controls Counters Dimensions, Cutout, Inches 1?8 DIN in. in.   Display Digit Height 0.56  Red Lion Controls Display Digit Height 0.56  Counters Display Digit Height 0.56  Red Lion Controls Counters Display Digit Height 0.56   Display Type LCD  Red Lion Controls Display Type LCD  Counters Display Type LCD  Red Lion Controls Counters Display Type LCD   Function Counter, Rate Meter  Red Lion Controls Function Counter, Rate Meter  Counters Function Counter, Rate Meter  Red Lion Controls Counters Function Counter, Rate Meter   Input Type Logic, Voltage  Red Lion Controls Input Type Logic, Voltage  Counters Input Type Logic, Voltage  Red Lion Controls Counters Input Type Logic, Voltage   Measuring Range 0 to 99999 hrs. hrs.  Red Lion Controls Measuring Range 0 to 99999 hrs. hrs.  Counters Measuring Range 0 to 99999 hrs. hrs.  Red Lion Controls Counters Measuring Range 0 to 99999 hrs. hrs.   Memory Type Non-Volatile  Red Lion Controls Memory Type Non-Volatile  Counters Memory Type Non-Volatile  Red Lion Controls Counters Memory Type Non-Volatile   Mounting Type DIN  Red Lion Controls Mounting Type DIN  Counters Mounting Type DIN  Red Lion Controls Counters Mounting Type DIN   Number of Digits 5  Red Lion Controls Number of Digits 5  Counters Number of Digits 5  Red Lion Controls Counters Number of Digits 5   Primary Type Electronic  Red Lion Controls Primary Type Electronic  Counters Primary Type Electronic  Red Lion Controls Counters Primary Type Electronic   Range, Measurement 0 to 99999  Red Lion Controls Range, Measurement 0 to 99999  Counters Range, Measurement 0 to 99999  Red Lion Controls Counters Range, Measurement 0 to 99999   Standards cULus Listed, CSA Certified, NEMA 4X, IP65  Red Lion Controls Standards cULus Listed, CSA Certified, NEMA 4X, IP65  Counters Standards cULus Listed, CSA Certified, NEMA 4X, IP65  Red Lion Controls Counters Standards cULus Listed, CSA Certified, NEMA 4X, IP65   Stripping Length 0.3 in. Wire  Red Lion Controls Stripping Length 0.3 in. Wire  Counters Stripping Length 0.3 in. Wire  Red Lion Controls Counters Stripping Length 0.3 in. Wire   Supply Voltage 30 VDC VDC  Red Lion Controls Supply Voltage 30 VDC VDC  Counters Supply Voltage 30 VDC VDC  Red Lion Controls Counters Supply Voltage 30 VDC VDC   Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C °C  Red Lion Controls Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C °C  Counters Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C °C  Red Lion Controls Counters Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C °C   Temperature, Opening, Maximum +50 °C °C  Red Lion Controls Temperature, Opening, Maximum +50 °C °C  Counters Temperature, Opening, Maximum +50 °C °C  Red Lion Controls Counters Temperature, Opening, Maximum +50 °C °C   Temperature, Operating -40 to +60°C  Red Lion Controls Temperature, Operating -40 to +60°C  Counters Temperature, Operating -40 to +60°C  Red Lion Controls Counters Temperature, Operating -40 to +60°C   Temperature, Operating, Minimum 0 °C °C  Red Lion Controls Temperature, Operating, Minimum 0 °C °C  Counters Temperature, Operating, Minimum 0 °C °C  Red Lion Controls Counters Temperature, Operating, Minimum 0 °C °C   Termination Cage Clamp  Red Lion Controls Termination Cage Clamp  Counters Termination Cage Clamp  Red Lion Controls Counters Termination Cage Clamp   Type Electronic  Red Lion Controls Type Electronic  Counters Type Electronic  Red Lion Controls Counters Type Electronic   Voltage Range 85 to 250 VAC  Red Lion Controls Voltage Range 85 to 250 VAC  Counters Voltage Range 85 to 250 VAC  Red Lion Controls Counters Voltage Range 85 to 250 VAC  


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