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169-2832-020 - 

cable, round twist and flat, loose pair, jacketed/shielded, color coded pvc, 10 pair

Amphenol Spectra Strip 169-2832-020
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Round and Flat Cables, 300 V Voltage Rating, Copper Conductor Material, 28 AWG Wire Size

Physical Characteristics. Color Code: Brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white, black and repeat with tan common. Insulation: PVC, 0.010" wall. Thickness: 0.042" ±0.003". Pitch: 0.050" ±0.005". Twist Length: 17.5" (consult Allied for other available lengths). Flat Length: 2.50". Shielding: Aluminum/polyester foil, with minimum 90% coverage tinned copper braid. UL Style: Inner cable — 20130; Composite — 20381. CSA and CL2 certified. PVC Laminated on flat sections only with loose pairs on twist section.
Loose pair round twist 'n' flat cable is designed to combine the electrical performance and handling features of discrete twisted pair cable with the mass termination capabilities of flat ribbon cable. Loose pair round Twist 'N' Flat aluminum and braid, 0.050 in. flat pitch.


  Brand/Series  169-2832 Series  
  Cable Type  Flat (Ribbon)  
  Color, Jacket  Black  
  Conductor Size  28 AWG  
  Diameter, Outer  0.29 in.  
  Insulation Material  PVC  
  Length  100 ft.  
  Material, Conductor  Tinned Copper (TC)  
  Material, Insulation  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  
  Material, Jacket  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  
  Material, Shield  Aluminum/Polyester Tape, Tinned Copper  
  Nominal Impedance  50 Ohms  
  Number of Conductors  20  
  Number of Pairs  10  
  Packaging  Coil  
  Shield  Aluminum?Polyester Foil with Minimum 85% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid  
  Shielding  Foil & Braid  
  Standards  UL CL2, CSA AWM I/II A, FT-1  
  Stranding  7x36  
  Temperature, Operating  -20 to +105 °C  
  Temperature, Rating  -20 to 105 C  
  Voltage Rating  300 V  
  Wire Size  28 AWG  


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Brand/Series 169-2832 Series  Amphenol Spectra Strip Brand/Series 169-2832 Series  Multiconductor Brand/Series 169-2832 Series  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Brand/Series 169-2832 Series   Cable Type Flat (Ribbon)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Cable Type Flat (Ribbon)  Multiconductor Cable Type Flat (Ribbon)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Cable Type Flat (Ribbon)   Color, Jacket Black  Amphenol Spectra Strip Color, Jacket Black  Multiconductor Color, Jacket Black  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Color, Jacket Black   Conductor Size 28 AWG  Amphenol Spectra Strip Conductor Size 28 AWG  Multiconductor Conductor Size 28 AWG  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Conductor Size 28 AWG   Diameter, Outer 0.29 in.  Amphenol Spectra Strip Diameter, Outer 0.29 in.  Multiconductor Diameter, Outer 0.29 in.  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Diameter, Outer 0.29 in.   Insulation Material PVC  Amphenol Spectra Strip Insulation Material PVC  Multiconductor Insulation Material PVC  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Insulation Material PVC   Length 100 ft.  Amphenol Spectra Strip Length 100 ft.  Multiconductor Length 100 ft.  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Length 100 ft.   Material, Conductor Tinned Copper (TC)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Material, Conductor Tinned Copper (TC)  Multiconductor Material, Conductor Tinned Copper (TC)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Material, Conductor Tinned Copper (TC)   Material, Insulation Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Material, Insulation Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Multiconductor Material, Insulation Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Material, Insulation Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)   Material, Jacket Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Material, Jacket Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Multiconductor Material, Jacket Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Material, Jacket Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)   Material, Shield Aluminum/Polyester Tape, Tinned Copper  Amphenol Spectra Strip Material, Shield Aluminum/Polyester Tape, Tinned Copper  Multiconductor Material, Shield Aluminum/Polyester Tape, Tinned Copper  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Material, Shield Aluminum/Polyester Tape, Tinned Copper   Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms  Amphenol Spectra Strip Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms  Multiconductor Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms   Number of Conductors 20  Amphenol Spectra Strip Number of Conductors 20  Multiconductor Number of Conductors 20  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Number of Conductors 20   Number of Pairs 10  Amphenol Spectra Strip Number of Pairs 10  Multiconductor Number of Pairs 10  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Number of Pairs 10   Packaging Coil  Amphenol Spectra Strip Packaging Coil  Multiconductor Packaging Coil  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Packaging Coil   Shield Aluminum?Polyester Foil with Minimum 85% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid  Amphenol Spectra Strip Shield Aluminum?Polyester Foil with Minimum 85% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid  Multiconductor Shield Aluminum?Polyester Foil with Minimum 85% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Shield Aluminum?Polyester Foil with Minimum 85% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid   Shielding Foil & Braid  Amphenol Spectra Strip Shielding Foil & Braid  Multiconductor Shielding Foil & Braid  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Shielding Foil & Braid   Standards UL CL2, CSA AWM I/II A, FT-1  Amphenol Spectra Strip Standards UL CL2, CSA AWM I/II A, FT-1  Multiconductor Standards UL CL2, CSA AWM I/II A, FT-1  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Standards UL CL2, CSA AWM I/II A, FT-1   Stranding 7x36  Amphenol Spectra Strip Stranding 7x36  Multiconductor Stranding 7x36  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Stranding 7x36   Temperature, Operating -20 to +105 °C  Amphenol Spectra Strip Temperature, Operating -20 to +105 °C  Multiconductor Temperature, Operating -20 to +105 °C  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Temperature, Operating -20 to +105 °C   Temperature, Rating -20 to 105 C  Amphenol Spectra Strip Temperature, Rating -20 to 105 C  Multiconductor Temperature, Rating -20 to 105 C  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Temperature, Rating -20 to 105 C   Voltage Rating 300 V  Amphenol Spectra Strip Voltage Rating 300 V  Multiconductor Voltage Rating 300 V  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Voltage Rating 300 V   Wire Size 28 AWG  Amphenol Spectra Strip Wire Size 28 AWG  Multiconductor Wire Size 28 AWG  Amphenol Spectra Strip Multiconductor Wire Size 28 AWG  


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