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NP2.6-12FR - 

Battery; Rechargeable; Rectangular; Lead Acid; 12VDC; 3Ah; Quick Disconnect: 0.187

EnerSys NP2.6-12FR
EnerSys EnerSys
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The NP product line covers the entire spectrum of battery sizes, ranging from 0.8 Ah to 65 Ah in 4, 6, and 12 volt varieties. We also offer the NPX and NPH Series batteries, designed for high rate discharge applications. These batteries are used primarily where high wattage is required for a short duration. These valve-regulated batteries have, since their introduction, set the standard for quality and excellence in the field of rechargeable sealed lead acid battery technology. This standard has been used as a benchmark in applications such as security, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), telecommunications, emergency lights and medical equipment. Anywhere the need for reliable and dependable back-up power is required. The NP product line covers the entire spectrum of battery sizes, ranging from 0.8 Ah to 65 Ah in 4, 6, and 12 volt varieties. We also offer a full line of flame-retardant batteries (UL94-V0, LOI 30). Designated “FR,” these batteries comply with UL1778 flame-retardant specifications for UPS and Bellcore requirements for telecommunications. Flame retardant versions available upon request - add suffix FR.
  • Superb Recovery From Deep Discharge
  • Electrolyte Suspension System
  • Gas Recombination
  • Multipurpose is Float or Cyclic Use
  • Usable in Any Orientation
  • Superior Energy Density
  • NP2.6-12FR产品信息

      Brand Family  NP  
      Brand/Series  Genesis NP Battery Series  
      Capacity  3 Ah  
      Chemical System  Lead Acid  
      Dimensions  134mm L x 67mm W x 66mm H  
      Primary Type  Rechargeable  
      Size  Rectangular  
      Temperature, Operating  -15 to 50°C  
      Temperature, Operating, Maximum  +50 °C  
      Temperature, Operating, Minimum  -15 °C  
      Termination  Quick Disconnect: 0.187  
      Voltage Rating  12 VDC  
      Voltage, Nominal  12 V  
      Weight  3.08 Lbs.  


    Brand Family NP  EnerSys Brand Family NP  Battery Brand Family NP  EnerSys Battery Brand Family NP   Brand/Series Genesis NP Battery Series  EnerSys Brand/Series Genesis NP Battery Series  Battery Brand/Series Genesis NP Battery Series  EnerSys Battery Brand/Series Genesis NP Battery Series   Capacity 3 Ah  EnerSys Capacity 3 Ah  Battery Capacity 3 Ah  EnerSys Battery Capacity 3 Ah   Chemical System Lead Acid  EnerSys Chemical System Lead Acid  Battery Chemical System Lead Acid  EnerSys Battery Chemical System Lead Acid   Dimensions 134mm L x 67mm W x 66mm H  EnerSys Dimensions 134mm L x 67mm W x 66mm H  Battery Dimensions 134mm L x 67mm W x 66mm H  EnerSys Battery Dimensions 134mm L x 67mm W x 66mm H   Primary Type Rechargeable  EnerSys Primary Type Rechargeable  Battery Primary Type Rechargeable  EnerSys Battery Primary Type Rechargeable   Size Rectangular  EnerSys Size Rectangular  Battery Size Rectangular  EnerSys Battery Size Rectangular   Temperature, Operating -15 to 50°C  EnerSys Temperature, Operating -15 to 50°C  Battery Temperature, Operating -15 to 50°C  EnerSys Battery Temperature, Operating -15 to 50°C   Temperature, Operating, Maximum +50 °C  EnerSys Temperature, Operating, Maximum +50 °C  Battery Temperature, Operating, Maximum +50 °C  EnerSys Battery Temperature, Operating, Maximum +50 °C   Temperature, Operating, Minimum -15 °C  EnerSys Temperature, Operating, Minimum -15 °C  Battery Temperature, Operating, Minimum -15 °C  EnerSys Battery Temperature, Operating, Minimum -15 °C   Termination Quick Disconnect: 0.187  EnerSys Termination Quick Disconnect: 0.187  Battery Termination Quick Disconnect: 0.187  EnerSys Battery Termination Quick Disconnect: 0.187   Voltage Rating 12 VDC  EnerSys Voltage Rating 12 VDC  Battery Voltage Rating 12 VDC  EnerSys Battery Voltage Rating 12 VDC   Voltage, Nominal 12 V  EnerSys Voltage, Nominal 12 V  Battery Voltage, Nominal 12 V  EnerSys Battery Voltage, Nominal 12 V   Weight 3.08 Lbs.  EnerSys Weight 3.08 Lbs.  Battery Weight 3.08 Lbs.  EnerSys Battery Weight 3.08 Lbs.  
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