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1EEB1 - 

Filter Inlet; 1 A; 250 VAC; 50 to 60 Hz; 0.38 mA @ 250 VAC; GA400; Panel Mount

TE Connectivity 1EEB1
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The EEA Series are a new generation of compact RFI filters with IEC socket. Totally new design in both the internal structure and manufacturing process make this new series cost-effective and compact. The EEA Series supercedes the EF Series by providing superior performance, particularly in the common mode at low frequencies. Mechanically, its slimmer size makes it compatible with similar filters in the market. Quarter-inch fastons in line in the EEA1 offer versatility when behind-the-panel room exists. The EEA2 with the quarter-inch fastons at a right angle to the IEC connector allows a shorter tip-to-tip length. The P style models are PC board mountable offering compact size and direct to board connection. Models with 4-inch wire leads available as custom order parts. Maximum Leakage Current (Line-to-Ground): 0.22 mA @ 120 VAC 60 Hz; 0.38 mA @ 250 VAC 50 Hz. Hipot Rating (1 Minute): Line-to-ground — 2250 VDC; Line-to-line — 1450 VDC. Uses line cord GA400.


  Alternate Mfr Part Number  6609001-1  
  Brand/Series  Corcom EEB Series  
  Current Rating  1A  
  Current, Leakage  0.22/0.38 mA  
  Cut Out, Panel  28.96×20.8 mm  
  Dimensions  20.6mm H x 50.3mm W x 54.6mm L  
  Filter Type  EMI, RFI  
  Frequency, Operating  50/60 Hz  
  Hipot Rating, Line to Ground  2250 VDC  
  Hipot Rating, Line to Line  1450 VDC  
  Mounting Type  Panel Mount/Screw  
  Phase  1  
  Primary Type  General Purpose  
  Type  Filter  
  Voltage Rating  250 VAC  
  Voltage, Operating  250 VAC  


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Alternate Mfr Part Number 6609001-1  TE Connectivity Alternate Mfr Part Number 6609001-1  Power Entry Module (PEM) Alternate Mfr Part Number 6609001-1  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Alternate Mfr Part Number 6609001-1   Brand/Series Corcom EEB Series  TE Connectivity Brand/Series Corcom EEB Series  Power Entry Module (PEM) Brand/Series Corcom EEB Series  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Brand/Series Corcom EEB Series   Current Rating 1A  TE Connectivity Current Rating 1A  Power Entry Module (PEM) Current Rating 1A  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Current Rating 1A   Current, Leakage 0.22/0.38 mA  TE Connectivity Current, Leakage 0.22/0.38 mA  Power Entry Module (PEM) Current, Leakage 0.22/0.38 mA  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Current, Leakage 0.22/0.38 mA   Cut Out, Panel 28.96×20.8 mm  TE Connectivity Cut Out, Panel 28.96×20.8 mm  Power Entry Module (PEM) Cut Out, Panel 28.96×20.8 mm  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Cut Out, Panel 28.96×20.8 mm   Dimensions 20.6mm H x 50.3mm W x 54.6mm L  TE Connectivity Dimensions 20.6mm H x 50.3mm W x 54.6mm L  Power Entry Module (PEM) Dimensions 20.6mm H x 50.3mm W x 54.6mm L  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Dimensions 20.6mm H x 50.3mm W x 54.6mm L   Filter Type EMI, RFI  TE Connectivity Filter Type EMI, RFI  Power Entry Module (PEM) Filter Type EMI, RFI  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Filter Type EMI, RFI   Frequency, Operating 50/60 Hz  TE Connectivity Frequency, Operating 50/60 Hz  Power Entry Module (PEM) Frequency, Operating 50/60 Hz  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Frequency, Operating 50/60 Hz   Hipot Rating, Line to Ground 2250 VDC  TE Connectivity Hipot Rating, Line to Ground 2250 VDC  Power Entry Module (PEM) Hipot Rating, Line to Ground 2250 VDC  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Hipot Rating, Line to Ground 2250 VDC   Hipot Rating, Line to Line 1450 VDC  TE Connectivity Hipot Rating, Line to Line 1450 VDC  Power Entry Module (PEM) Hipot Rating, Line to Line 1450 VDC  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Hipot Rating, Line to Line 1450 VDC   Mounting Type Panel Mount/Screw  TE Connectivity Mounting Type Panel Mount/Screw  Power Entry Module (PEM) Mounting Type Panel Mount/Screw  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Mounting Type Panel Mount/Screw   Phase 1  TE Connectivity Phase 1  Power Entry Module (PEM) Phase 1  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Phase 1   Primary Type General Purpose  TE Connectivity Primary Type General Purpose  Power Entry Module (PEM) Primary Type General Purpose  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Primary Type General Purpose   Type Filter  TE Connectivity Type Filter  Power Entry Module (PEM) Type Filter  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Type Filter   Voltage Rating 250 VAC  TE Connectivity Voltage Rating 250 VAC  Power Entry Module (PEM) Voltage Rating 250 VAC  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Voltage Rating 250 VAC   Voltage, Operating 250 VAC  TE Connectivity Voltage, Operating 250 VAC  Power Entry Module (PEM) Voltage, Operating 250 VAC  TE Connectivity Power Entry Module (PEM) Voltage, Operating 250 VAC  
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